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Kahoot Login

Kahoot is a web-based application that teachers use to play interactive quizzes with students. It was launched in 2013 and has quickly spread and become very popular being used by 50 million people in 150 countries. A teacher can go and create a quiz or use a quiz already made by others. The students are allowed to access the quiz from their phone, tablet, or computer. They can give their answer by these devices. With a smart screen in the classroom, the questions are presented in front of the students. They are given 4 answers to choose within a certain time with an interactive whiteboard. Each option has their own colors or shape. For the students it kind of like a game show in the class.

The thing which makes kahoot so exclusive is the quizzes can be based around any and every subject of school. It opens the door of learning for the students not only with the pen and paper but also with an interactive way. This generation of students who have been raised with technology is allowed to use that technology to learn in a fun and interesting way. This app also makes a teacher’s job quite easier. Many people are familiar with the music that the platform uses. Many tracks are played when the tool gets a start. These tracks have become ingrained in the user’s heads after hearing them on such regular basis. That’s why Kahoot has become a meme! Because people use these tracks in various humorous videos online. This app started off as a platform that many people use to learn in the classroom and has evolved into a relatable meme that can often be found online.

kahoot login

Kahoot It Login

Kahoot, a well-known app for the gaming and musical quiz for the students and as well as the teacher. If you are a teacher and already have the kahoot account or still do not have the idea how to generate the gaming pin for your students, let me explain it in this article.

  • Go to the official page of kahoot and sign in as a teacher with your required details.
  • You will receive the confirmation email, which you have provided to create the account.
  • Now with the question mark symbol, you can create your own quiz. So simply click on that.
  • Give the title to your own quiz and click ‘‘GO”.
  • A freshly new page will open with the options to set your questions for the quiz.
  • Set the time limit to give answers by the students and also set 4 options regarding the question.
  • Mark the correct option among the four options. (if you want to add up some images from your desktop for the questions)
  • After setting a couple of questions and can save and continue and you will get a quick preview of your quiz.
  • You can choose the privacy setting i.e. whether you want to keep it public or private. If you want, you can add up description and tags too.
  • If you want, you can give your quiz a cover page, which is optional. And click done.
  • After finishing this, click “play now” and setting some randomize options to go with “Launch” to start the quiz.
  • This will give you the “LOGIN PIN” or “GAMING PIN”.

Gaming pins are different for each quiz rounds. Each quiz round will have a particular gaming pin. After getting the gaming pin of your own quiz, provide this to your audiences to join your session and experience the fun of kahoot.

Kahoot Teacher Login

If you want to upgrade yourself as a smart teacher, you must go with the exclusive kahoot app in this new generation. This brand new app will surely make your works a lot easier. Teacher and students both can manage and share a question with this app. Let’s see how a teacher can start kahoot!

  • For creating Kahoot account take your suitable devices like mobiles, tablets, i-pads or computers etc. start your internet browser, in the address bar type kahoot.com.
  • When you go ahead, you can sign up for free. Which is shown in the right corner of your screen.
  • Now choose the role for your kahoot account. As you want to log in as the teacher. So go with the option I’M A TEACHER.
  • They will ask you for your details. write your school/university, your username, email id. Confirm the email id, create a new password for your account
  • Now the final step click CREATE ACCOUNT.
  • Yeah! You are all set to access your new account as a teacher.

Now you can generate new questions for your students or give the questions which are already made by others. Well, kahoot app will surely make your students more attentive in your class!

Kahoots Login

Many people will be familiar to this super cool app KAHOOT. They might be thinking of creating a new account in kahoot. If you are one of those and don’t know how to log in kahoot than this article will surely go to reduce your all tensions! Just simply follow the instructions.

  • Kahoot account can be created in many devices like mobiles, tablets, i-pads or computers etc. open your device, start your internet browser and type in the address bar kahoot.it which is the official page of kahoot.
  • If you are on a  desktop, laptop bookmark the site. If you are on the mobile device, when you arrive at kahoot.it, it may ask if you would like to download the app. You can do this for easier access.
  • The next step is entering the game pin. The game pin is shown on the smart board. Enter the game pin in your device.
  • Now enter your username. A join the game. When you logged in you should see your name appeared in front of the smart board.
  • Now you are ready for the game!
  • Questions will appear on your smart board. Read carefully and choose an option when you know the answer!
  • The sooner you answer, the more points you can earn. Points are awarded only for the correct answers.

Kahoot.it login

Kahhot is a game based respond system, which generates a bunch of questions in a given time. It also adds a gaming element to achieving points on every right answer and interesting music on every visual. It is easy to make the students or learners more attentive and easy to set a quiz by a smart teacher too.

  • Students, who are eager to create Kahoot account, let me tell you how you can create your own world of kahoot. Take your device (laptop, desktop, iPad, tablet, mobile etc.) and start your favorite internet browser and type kahoot.it.
  • Every student will have a game pin given a teacher in particular subjects. It will be displayed on his smart board.
  • Type your game pin in the empty boxes and enter.
  • Now you will have the option to set your nickname on your screen. And click “JOIN”.
  • Yeah! You are IN now!
  • Start the game! Watch your questions properly and answer if you are cent percent sure of this.
  • Every right answer will award you kahoot points.

Faster you answer the questions a lot of points will be credited to your account.

After the ending of the quiz, students can rate the how fun it was, did they learn something new or not and express how happy they are with the kahoot game.

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